Thursday, August 21, 2008

Garrett-isms take 2

"I don't like that song!" -- if we listen to anything on the radio which is not among his list of favorites. He's very particular. If a CD is not available, he will request you sing "Shoo Fly" and "Baby Bumblebee" for hours. And he will also sing Baby Bumble Bee. "Songs" can also be replaced by a variety of things, including (but not limited to): Bears, thunder, giants, etc. etc. All of those things can also be "scary!"

"This car come upstairs?" or "This car come bath?" Everything that is fun needs to come upstairs to either a) play on the train table or b) play in the bath in the evening.

"Mommy all done?" This one kills me. If I am working, he keeps asking if I am done. :-( I hate repeating "almost!"

"Pop baby out!" continues to be THE most popular phrase of the week. I am ready for that, please!

"Garrett do finger paints!" He loves finger paints. They are so messy though (even the color wonder ones, which I finally bought him more of). We just got some of the bath finger paints, jury is still out on those.

"Where is my car?" Or puppy. Or dinosaur. You name it. "I can't find it--mommy find it!"

Every day is something new and fun, and I know if I don't keep writing them down on the blog, I am going to forget them.

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