Thursday, September 02, 2010

Parks and Projects

Summer and I had our second "solo" playdate since Garrett started school today. It was fun going to the park and playing with friends. It was so strange, to have all girls, since I remember our playdates when Garrett was little being all boys. Summer was looking super darling in a little dress Leanne gave her.

Stealing Isabella's crackers.
And Aspen waiting for her to feed him earlier this week.

Garrett has really been enjoying school. It rained on Monday, and he wore his Pooh raincoat to school.They've done lots of fun projects that Miss Denise has displayed in the classroom. He's proud of them, so I took pictures today to share with all of you. It was especially fun listening to him tell me all the steps required to do the hot air balloons (I think it was a multi-day project)
Note the little person drawn between his I i

Its still ridiculously hot here--today was the first time we'd gone to the park in a while, and I still think we'll wait a while before going again. Its just stifling out there, and hit 91. Ew.

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Leanne said...

Love the school projects:) What a big boy!