Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What weekends were meant for

For longer than I care to count, our weekends have been dominated by my work schedule, Brad's various activities (Coast Guard Auxilliary, teaching, etc. etc. etc). I can't even remember the last time we had consecutive kick-back-and-relax days. Even worse, I can't remember the last time I went diving. I'm pretty sure it was before Summer was born. That's just WRONG. Before our kids, diving was one of the things that defined us. Its how Brad and I met.

So it was REALLY fabulous this weekend to actually get to go again. Brad has been in the process of certifying our neighbors and friends, and thanks to my friend Leanne watching the kids, I got to go for their final checkout dive. They own their own boat, and though we get to hang out regularly with the kids, we hadn't been out with them sans rugrats. PHENOMENAL way to spend the morning.

City of Miami on our way up in the boat
Me. Plus side of being 60ish lbs lighter than the last time I went diving = carrying less weight :-)
Brad and I in front of one of the tanks
Chris and Jess in front of one of the tanks
After we got back from diving, we took Garrett out to get ice cream, then headed back over to the Shumans for a little impromptu BBQ.
Garrett pretended to be a knight (and decided that's what he wanted to be for Halloween)
Summer just acted like a big girl the entire time . . .

The boys attempted to prune a tree with their swords.

Six kids from Portofino Lakes in a dog crate. Yeah, they are that crazy!Sunday brought boating again, this time with the kids. Summer started crying the minute she got into the boat, but once we got moving, she chilled out and had a good time.
Which allowed me to cuddle with my G-man
Really, does it get better than this??
Garrett made mud pies on the beach.
While Summer worked on her tan . . . yeah, she's so girlie it isn't even funny!

I babysat for Leanne on Sunday night, which equated to me laying around reading a book. It was fabulous. Monday brought a lazy day, which mostly consisted of Brad and Garrett fishing in the lake.
He learned to cast, and then informed me that he didn't need any more help, that I could stay in the hammock and fishing was time for relaxing. He's seriously getting too grown up for words!
We went to the speedway for Indy car testing, which ended up being canceled due to a safety issue. But whatever, Garrett had a great time going out and waving his checkered flag.
So, there you have it. Quite possibly the best weekend of 2010. With just 12 days until our vacation, I'm finding it insanely difficult to get back to focus on much of anything at this point. I'm already in vacation mode, after so much relaxation. It doesn't help that Garrett is out of school again on Thursday.

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Leanne said...

All those pictures are great!!! Especially the diving pics! Love the one of the kids in a cage..hahaha. I feel like doing that many times with Ava:)