Thursday, September 09, 2010

Baking fun

We are having a gathering at the pool for Summer's birthday today. Her birthday isn't until the 18th, but we are leaving the day after and I like to have our parties during the week so that our playgroup friends can come and we don't have to deal with crowds at the pool. Today is a teacher planning day so the big kids are out of school, and I wanted Garrett to be able to attend. I HATE party planning though. I don't understand spending 100s of dollars and stressing out over it. I don't like large crowds. So we keep our gatherings really informal. I hope the kids don't mind that we keep it small and informal. And that those who come don't think I'm cheap for not providing gobs of food for everyone (oh, wait, I AM kind of cheap! Although, I prefer the term frugal.) I would just rather enjoy the company of friends rather than stressing over the details. Not to mention we lack TIME for details around here. I spent my morning completing a small project for work. We're packing for the trip. Yesterday was our produce day. Insanity rains supreme. Garrett sure had fun working on the cake yesterday though. It didn't turn out like I was hoping, but oh well . . . I'm pretty sure the kids will enjoy eating it either way! Fun budget factoid, the decorations were reused from some cupcakes we had bought for Garrett's first birthday. I had them tucked away in the drawer and thought they would be PERFECT for this occasion.

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