Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lind Point Trail/Salomon Bay

On Monday, we headed to the National Park visitor center to get some information (mostly about conch--on St. John you are allowed 2 conch per person per day--cheap eats!-but sadly they were not in season), and then headed out on the Lind Point Trail. By the way, you will notice I took a LOT of pictures of Brad and I because last time we went to St. John (5th wedding Anniversary), I took exactly 1. But they are ALL still the hold out the camera and take a picture of yourself variety. Because, well, there was no one else around.

At the trail head
View of Cruz Bay from the Overlook
St. Thomas
Bizarre tree . . .
Honeymoon Bay-we hiked through to it, but then tracked back to Salomon Bay because I like it better.
And you can see why--its my favorite North Shore Beach. Because of the hike in (easy, but still a bit of a hike), we had it ENTIRELY to ourselves until after lunch. Then it was hilarious listening to the crazy people in flip flops who came down and were complaining about the hike. :-)

Perfect day!

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