Friday, September 10, 2010

Pool party picture overload

Summer's birthday gathering was absolutely PERFECT. The weather was perfect, the kids all got along great, and everyone had a fabulous time. I can't help but get giddy when things turn out well and everyone enjoys themselves, especially since I despise party planning and worry about everyone being happy.

Summer was an absolute FISH. She was in the water before her brother was. She is definitely swimming a little on her own, and is very comfortable in the water. She'll be swimming next summer for sure.
The cake
Summer THOUGHT about blowing out the candles
but in the end Garrett ended up doing it.

That was super exciting for me crew . . . Summer enjoying the first slice
Garrett getting his slice.
Cross section of the cake. Too bad my cutting job was crappy.
Cake face.

The kids. Garrett being a monkey, Ava, Alora, Summer, Mykayla, Everrett, Giselle, Freddy, Cole and Lenora's boys
All that's left of our "original" playgroup--Corbin, Garrett, and Freddy. All grown up and buddies still. Makes me want to cry!
Summer showing off her comfort level in the water. And note the shoes. Girl loves her crocs.
I'm so glad my big girl enjoyed her special day!
And thanks Leanne for taking some of these pictures!!

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