Sunday, September 26, 2010

Windy Hill

On Tuesday, we spent the morning relaxing, reading and napping. In the afternoon, we decided to combine a couple of things we had done with something we hadn't. We started at the Brown Bay trail in Coral Bay and hiked to the junction of the Johnny Horn Trail. From there, we headed to the ruins of the Estate at Windy Hill. Windy Hill was owned by John Berg, owner of the Annaberg Plantation, in the 1840s. After Windy Hill, we headed down to Leinster Bay to lay on the beach for a while and cool off in the water. This is the first time we've ever traveled to Leinster Bay from Coral Bay on foot.

Brown Bay

This plant looked like it belongs in Jurassic Park, it was taller than me :-)Some beautiful views from along the Johnny Horn Trail.

There is nothing quite like coming from the trail onto overgrown ruins-its so beautiful when nature reclaims things.

View of Leinster Bay from the ruins.

I wish I could say we'd been swimming before we took this but . . . yeah, that's all sweat. LONG hike getting there and it was HOT!

And on the way home we got a special treat--a young buck on the trail.
Can you find him?

This hike took most of the afternoon and was probably in the neighborhood for 5 miles.

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