Friday, September 03, 2010

What's for dinner?

Meal planning around here can sometimes be such a pain in the rear. Brad's response to "What do you want for dinner?" Is always involves a shoulder shrug. And it is nearly impossible to find a meal that all four of us enjoy, especially when you consider Brad's opinion of a good dinner MUST include meat and potatoes while Garrett dislikes meat, in general, and DETESTS potatoes. I'm very thankful for the box of organic goodies we get on a weekly basis from Annies Organic Buying Club. And my good friend Shelah does a local produce co-op through her website Wicked Ways. Not only is it delicious, but it contains an entire box of goodies that I know I can plan my meals around. And I have an incentive to plan around them, because if I don't the food goes bad, and that's just not okay.

Still, sometimes there is a dinner that pleases ALMOST everyone. Garrett is usually the hardest. We made Iranian Cutlet last night, which everyone except Garrett enjoys. It contains potatoes and onions, two things Garrett just can't stand. Fortunately, he continues to try new things, even though he knows he probably won't like it. So, while I made cutlet for everyone else, Garrett got plain turkey patties on lettuce with tomato. It actually went over really well for him, and everyone else enjoyed their cutlet.

Just in case you are curious . . .
Iranian Cutlet (my lower-fat version)
1 sm potato (baked, peeled, and smashed)
1 lb turkey
1 sm onion (grated)
1 egg

Mix ingredients, shape into oblong patties, roll in wheat flour and grill or cook in pan (small amount of oil). Serve on bread, or make lettuce sandwitches (a favorite for me, but not for Brad!). The more traditional version calls for white flour and more oil, but we really skimp around here. Oh, and salt. But I don't ever cook with salt. Which just means that, like his father, my husband just immediately salts everything without tasting it. Sigh. Oh well, you know what they say about leading the horse to water . . .

So, if you are stuck in your meal planning, or are trying to eat a little healthier, look for a buying club or local co-op in your area. It certainly has made a big difference for us! Poor Brad likes to complain about missing the days "we ate normal food", but he has to appreciate the fact that he's over 30 and still in the exact same size as the day we met.

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Hartley's said...

We eat lots of ground turkey too (by lots- I mean for a meat lots). I agree with mealtime planning- it's a pain. I thought about trying one of the co-ops but am afraid the food will be strange... Thea is with Garret on the meat- she's pretty much a vegetarian. But eats lots of veggies. Ainsleigh will try anything- and has realized I would never feed her anything disgusting. Thanks for sharing the recipe!