Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer, version 2.0

I can't believe Summer is going to be 2 tomorrow (today now, since I having video issues!) This video pretty much sums up my little Summer . . . the temper, the insanity of my house, her tenacity for finishing something she sets her mind to.

Summer version 2.0 is obsessed with her crocs--she wears them pretty much every waking moment. She gets mad when she can't get them on.

Summer version 2.0 sometimes can be a little bipolar. What makes her cry now might not in 5 minutes. She can be super sensitive--spilling water or being told no often makes her cry. Sometimes, however, "NO" makes her laugh and do it again. She's just silly.

Summer version 2.0 is a social butterfly. She loves to play with her friends, loves to play with her brother, and loves to take him to school. Ava is her best friend after her brother.

Summer version 2.0 loves to read--"No, No Yes, Yes", "How do I love you" and "I love you through and through" are her absolute favorites.

Summer version 2.0 is STILL a pig. And still tiny, but not as tiny as she used to be.

It seems like just yesterday (because it practically was) that I was worried about the fact she wasn't talking. Allison TOLD me she'd talk like mad the minute Garrett went to school and she wasn't kidding. Favorite phrases:
"It's stuck!"
"Where's Gawett? I miss Gawett!"
"Mommy, where are youuuuuuuu?"
"Here you go mommy!"

All of these seem like just yesterday too. I definately need to get more "formal" pictures of the kids--I've been derelict about that lately.

And we definately need to get more of all 4 of us too.
A personal aside--I promised I would start blogging more about life in addition to blogging about the kids. So stop reading now if you don't want personal mommy things :-)
I can't write about Summer's birthday without also noting the personal milestone it was for me . . . I've struggled with my weight for my entire life--always hated my body and yet didn't do a thing about it. But something about Summer's awesome birth experience gave me the willpower to finally make up my mind to change myself. 2 years later, I've done things I never thought I could (gone rock climbing, gone mountain biking, ran a 5k, a half marathon, and a sprint distance triathlon). More importantly I know there isn't a darn thing I CAN'T do at this point, given enough time to train for it. I look at these pictures and can't get over it--I don't see that much of a difference in the mirror, but you sure can see it in pictures. I still have about 15ish pounds to lose, but they are stubbornly stuck, despite running 60 miles last month, 300 since March, and biking an addition 200 give or take on top of that. I try not to dwell-working out has become SUCH a stress reliever at this point! I am so, so glad that I have taken the time for MYSELF these past two years, to finally be happy in my own skin so that I can be a better wife and mother. And honestly, I'd be in big trouble if I hadn't because I STILL can hardly keep up with Garrett! :-)


The Fambros said...

Happy Birthday Summie! It's so wonderful to hear your little voice! You are growing up so big. And Ang you look awesome!!! Love and miss you all!

Leanne said...

Yeay for Summy!!! And girly you look absolutely fantastic! You have worked your butt off and it shows! Way to go sweets you give me inspiration!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely beautiful and I love you!!!!!! Mom

JenFen said...

Happy birthday Summer! And Angela, you look amazing. You are such an inspiration. I keep telling myself the same thing about this 10 pounds that just won't come off - working out has so many other benefits besides weight loss. So I will keep at it. And I know you will too. Congrats!