Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Saturday

Today was a pretty busy day, especially for Garrett. He and daddy went kayaking this morning for a few hours and had a great time. Then this afternoon we went to a party for friend's daughter. We actually had TWO pool parties to hit, but we had to stop at one since poor Garrett was exhausted and could hardly function. He's had a busy week!

Both kids had a FABULOUS time in the pool. Summer started swimming ever so slightly on her own, so we'll definitely be working on that this fall. Garrett is a total fish in the water, he just swims wherever. He tends to be relatively cautious, while at the same time he is willing to test himself in little ways. Its wonderful, but a little frightening. Rather than explain, see the 2nd picture below.

Garrett and his bud Freddy
Summer playing on the stairs

Isabella, the cute little birthday girl.


Leanne said...

Love the new layout:)

Hartley's said...

I like all the updates! I can't believe they are in VPK already! Ains. is at the same school she has been at- easy transition for us. Next year is the big yest0 Kindergarten!
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