Friday, September 10, 2010

Garrett's school week in review

This week was a little wacky. Between Labor Day and a Teacher planning day, he only had 3 days of school. But they wrote the letter U, worked on writing their name, made lemonade and had show and tell. I volunteered in his class today for the lemonade making, which was fun. It was great to see his teachers in action. I absolutely adore his teacher, she's wonderful with the kids.

We spent a LOT of time this week trying to decide what to take for show and tell. Garrett debated taking blue puppy but told us he was worried his friends would laugh at him because he has chewed part of his nose off. Poor kid. We finally decided that since I was going with him anyway, he could take his turtle. It was a huge hit.

On Wednesday it occurred to me to ask Garrett to remember three things to tell me about his day. It was difficult to get him to tell me what they had done, so we tried that. For the past few days, as soon as I pick him up, he says "The three things I remembered to tell you about are . . . " So that has worked out well. Today most of his excitement stemmed from getting to play with legos. The kid loves legos!

So far, they've been reading a lot of books at school that Garrett has enjoyed at home--specifically "No, David" and "Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day In Kindergarten". I have NO idea why "No, David" has such universal appeal, the illustrations of David are a little freaky. Kid has fangs!! Next week we are getting our first "homework" packet, which should be fun. We work on stuff at home anyway, so it makes my life easier. Here's hoping everyone has a great weekend!

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