Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blue Puppy

Blue Puppy is Garrett's bestest friend in the whole wide world. He's had this thing since he was an infant. It has gone almost everywhere (except in to school, more on that in a minute) and done almost everything with Garrett.

Blue Puppy has been lost for several weeks. Garrett had stopped asking for him, and I thought for sure he was practically forgotten, but when Garrett was making his "I am thankful for" craft, he included Blue Puppy. It made me want to cry.

Blue Puppy has been found! On top of (and behind) the kids' play kitchen. For those of you who haven't been at my house, the kitchen is next to our open staircase. For some reason, I am pretty sure GARRETT did not drop blue puppy back there. I suspect he was placed there by a much smaller and much more rotten little girl.

I can't wait to give him to Garrett when I go pick him up from school, he'll be stoked. SCHOOL, by the way, is the one place Blue Puppy has not been, much to my surprise. Garrett told Brad and I that he was worried all the kids would laugh at him "because I chewed Blue Puppy's nose off." I don't know, but if he doesn't want to share that part of himself with his classmates, that's fine. His relationship with blue puppy seems to be the last vestige of the little boy that he was.

A few pictures from the archives of the adventures of Blue Puppy. And also THIS POST for a trip down memory lane. Its amazing how much he has grown up. The other day he was talking all about how exciting Kindergarten is going to be. And I quote. "Its all because of the Miss Bindergarten books. Do you think when I get to Kindergarten, a dog will be my teacher?" (Miss Bidergarten is, of course, a dog!)

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Queenie said...

I can not imagine at all why your kiddo has an unyielding relationship with a dog. Really. It's completely surprising. *giggle*