Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Garrett's Thanksgiving Potluck at School

Monday was Garrett's Thanksgiving Potluck at school. I volunteered for the day in the classroom. I love his teacher, she's fabulously wonderful. The other teacher in the class is leaving so I figured an extra set of hands would be very helpful indeed. The kids were SO FLIPPING CUTE, it wasn't even funny.

Classroom decorations

I set the tables while the kids were outside. Summer helped, of course. She was supposed to go to the 2 year old room but adamantly refused. She loves Garrett's school, she just doesn't like to be where he isn't.
Garrett and Xander in their Indian garb with another friend, Alejandro.
Soooo cute. G is the one scarfing the juice, of course.

Summer was so fried by the time noon rolled around. Daylight savings time is still giving us a hard time.
At dinner last night, during our usual prayer that Garrett leads, he tacked on a "and we are thankful for Mommy, Daddy, Summer and the rest of our family." Sigh, so sweet! He's just getting too big too fast.

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