Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cars and Comics

I can not get over how creative Garrett is these days. He is always building things with his Bright Builders or blocks. He plays tunes on his kazoo or the homemade guitar we made from a juice box. I KNOW I've got to start doing some structured music stuff with him because he is literally asking for it on a daily basis. He's in to roll playing, dressing up and all of that fun stuff that makes me totally love this age. But sometimes its the art stuff that I can't get over.

Like his playdough car. No assistance in creating this.

And of course Sissy had to play too (can you tell she is sickies? Poor baby!)
And this morning he "wrote a new lego comic" on the way to school. Side note: This was from done from the stuff the Pumpkin Fairy brought. He also asked if he could take the other Pumpkin Fairy stickers to share with his friends. I hate to brag, but MAN he's sweet :-)

And though not related to the subject of the post, here's a shot of both of them diligently working on our Broccoli Cheese soup last night.

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