Monday, July 07, 2008

The continued adventures of blue puppy

Still no pictures. I know, I know. Its just been that kind of month so far.

Fun things Blue Puppy has been up to lately, with the assistance of Garrett:

1. Blue Puppy Rode Aspen. Garrett proudly announced "Blue Puppy Ride Aspen!" when Brad got home . . . Poor Aspen seemed to prefer Blue Puppy to Garrett as a rider. No surprise there, given the weight difference!

2. Blue Puppy was told to get "out kitchen" by Garrett at bed time the other night. This is something we tell the dogs when we are eating. Apparently Blue Puppy needed to get out of the kitchen too. Who knows. Blue Puppy promptly received "spankin'" for not listening.

3. Hide and Go seek.
Bedtime has been a nightmare lately, and we have on more than one occasion resorted to taking Blue Puppy to get Garrett to lay down in bed. So he has started to HIDE Blue Puppy, especially from Daddy. He thinks its a great game.

4. Regular bathing
Garrett asks almost every day for "Blue Puppy Bath". . . which Blue Puppy needs, since he goes everywhere, and Garrett is often using him to WIPE HIS FACE these days. Baths consist of Garrett throwing him in the wash with the clothes, then assisting in placing him in the dryer. He likes to get a towel to "dry" him off with afterward, for posterity sake.

Not much else to report here. Garrett was NOT impressed by fireworks on the fourth of July. No surprise given his propensity to be scared of everything. Today, alone, he has been scared by the UPS truck, the trash truck, and the Dremel for Aspen's toes. I don't know how I am going to get poor Aspen's toes trimmed with Garrett screaming the whole time!! He's working on ONE second year molar, and is a bear. Why can't he get all four, or at least 2 at once . . . ONE??? You mean I have to deal with this little bear 3 more times before he gets the rest of those teeth?

He's been loving to color lately. Today he told me "I need pink!" . . . he wanted the pink crayon. Which I am sure daddy appreciates to no end. His favorite color is definately red though, no doubt due to his favorite animated 4-legged friend. "Clifford, Red Dog!!"

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Joanna said...

Teething drives me crazy. Michael has two more left, and I'm ready to go in there myself and pull them through. If only that were possible.

I'm going to have to try the "bath" approach to washing Michael's shirt. It's really gross.