Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was very fun this year. It didn't start off as planned. I spent HOURS prepping Monster Jaws (apples with almond teeth), a fruit plate, and graham crackers in Halloween shapes for Garrett's school party on Friday, only to have him throw up in the car on the way to school. So we dropped off the goodies and headed back home. :-(
He was feeling better on Saturday, so after I spent all day at work we were able to take him to Trunk Or Treat. My mom was here and Summer was EXHAUSTED, so Brad and I got to take him alone-which of course he loved.
My knight in shining armor. SO happy with how his costume turned out--we spent exactly $3 on it. :-)
Our neighborhood crew, getting all grown up. Garrett, Gracie, Logan, Brady, and Xander. Seems like just yesterday they were all babies!!

Bounce house obstacle course = Garrett's fav part of the whole Trunk or treat experience. He said it was better than a regular bounce house because he could "Do fun things like climb."
Trunk or Treat spoils
Sissy got to partake in the trick-or-treating on Sunday. She would NOT NOT NOT wear her hat.

With Brady and Gracie in front of their house.Checking out the goods when we got home.
Each of the kids got to pick 10 pieces of candy to keep. The rest went back into the bag for the Pumpkin Fairy. Each of them got some cool special surprises from the Pumpkin Fairy in return--a monster truck, stickers, and such. I LOVE this idea, we'll be using it for any holiday involving copious amounts of candy. It wasn't even a hard sell, as soon as I told Garrett about it he became excited and had to tell everyone he saw about it. Garrett has already asked if there is an Easter fairy. I think there will be!

The kids loved sharing the fun with Grandma -her visit went too fast!
And apparently Aspen was terribly worn out by the festivities as well.
Check back later, cute video to upload too!

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MonkeyTailes said...

Hm.. Pumpkin fairy... thats a great idea! I dont think that Saiya made the connection of getting the candy and eating the candy. Thus far she has had exactly two pieces from her stash. Most of the rest of it we have been taking to work (or more ashamedly, eating ourselves. LOL!)