Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Maybe I'll call our week-in-review Monday Mayhem. Because that pretty much sums up things around here. After another very busy week, we had a fabulous weekend. Garrett and I did a project at Lowes on Saturday. He some of his money to buy a pirate ship model there, which he and Daddy made when they got home. We went to the VERY cold pool so that he could test out the snorkel gear he got from the ocean kids event last weekend. We went down to the track, since it was championship weekend, even though we did not actually go to the race. And we had to go buy the boy a new pair of shoes because for some reason the little stinker won't stop growing! :-) Random pictures from this week:

We'd be lost without our produce!
Playdough provides endless sources of entertainment.
Kid loves doing his homework. Which is AWESOME.

Guess who can write his name, and is insulted now if you try to help him?After spending his money on the pirate ship, he wanted to see what he had left. This was his creation:

Monday was our thankgiving potluck at school. The kids made Indian vests and headbands. This will get its own post (pics are on FB already), but here's a preview.

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Leanne said...

love the counting change in a swirl!!! How creative:)