Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wait, when did this happen?

In the past few days, I have gone from having a toddler to having a big girl. We knew that we'd put a few things off for a while that we wouldn't be able to put off much longer, but STILL! Summer decided this morning that she's got this whole potty thing under control. She used the potty pretty much all day long. If that wasn't enough, she put on her own pants. She tried to take her diaper off at nap because she had to go to the bathroom. She is a complete motor mouth and is just acting BIG!

Translation, we're full blown potty training. If it isn't absolutely required, we won't be going anywhere in the next week or so. We also took down Summer's crib rail and she is spending her first night in a toddler bed. Its like the switch was flipped-she's big now. No more baby. She's starting to show interest in all the 3 & Up Discovery Toys stuff I have laying around. Its just unfathomable to me. I knew it was coming, but it doesn't mean I was ready for it.

I'm an emotional wreck today--Brad is leaving for Maryland tomorrow until the end of Thursday (which was finalized at noon today). My boss is leaving on a cruise on Saturday (that I kind of wanted to go on too, but that's a whole other issue), which means work is hectic. And then there is this whole "holy cow my baby is growing up!" thing with BOTH kids (Garrett copied "Santa's Elf Shop" on to a project for Grandma Sherry. My kid can WRITE, when did that happen??) Add in the holidays, typical monthly hormones, and my tendancy to over-react to finances, no workout since SATURDAY and YUP, basket case. But we'll be taking it all in stride.

And here is a sampling of the things I've heard today:
Summer, to Garrett, Xander, and Logan as we were getting ready to head out to school:
"Come on boys" (while clapping her hands to hurry them along).

Me to Summer, who lost her pants somewhere: "Where are your pants?"
Summer: "I dunno!"

Garrett to Xander: "You've eaten at Red Lobster?? Mom, even XANDER has eaten at Red Lobster. We just HAVE to go there soon." (For some reason he's obsessed with eating at Red Lobster. No clue why, we hardly ever go out to eat)

Summer (in the car on the way to school--Xander is in the 3rd row with G and Logan is sitting next to her) . . . "Hiiiiii Xan-er!!!" (Waving frantically at Xander in the back row)
Logan: "Why is hers calling me Xan-er? I'm Logan!"
Summer: "Hiiiii Xan-er!" (Summer is OBSESSED WITH XANDER)

And after dropping them all off:
Summer: "I call Xan-er" (Dials on phone) "Hiiii Xan-er!" (Did I mention she was obsessed?)

Chaos, as always, reigns supreme around here!

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JenFen said...

I love reading about Garrett and Summer because you are about 2 years behind me and it brings back so many memories. I think for me all of Jadyn's firsts and lasts were more emotional because I knew she was my last child. And I have already warned you that you are in for it because girls are way harder in a lot of aspects. Jadyn has and had crushes on several of Jake's friends. Scary because I married my brother's best friend : )

Sorry you have so much going on this week. Hope you find a way to relax, take a run or just generally find some "me" time.

Oh and BTW, I saw a commercial for the Eclipse DVD and I actually got a little excited to see it again on DVD. I am so hard on any movie adaptation the first time around. Maybe when I see it again I will actually be able to enjoy it but you are so right - every time I watch one of the movies I want to pick up the book. That is why I have read Interview with a Vampire more times than I can count.