Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Mayhem - Thanksgiving Addition

This weekend was EPIC. We had such a great time, and are so very thankful that we have such a great network of friends (our Florida Family!) to make Thanksgiving Weekend so very fun!

Our fun weekend started bright and early Thursday with a Budget 5K race hosted by Shelah. It was tons of fun. Budget races with friends are my new favorite thing. Brad smoked me as always. I was terribly sluggish and finished in 34 minutes, definitely not my best time for a 5K. Such a great way to start Turkey-Day!

Then Jess brought over my kids and her kids, and we had a kids race. Check out Garrett's game face. That kid is so flipping competitive it isn't even funny.Summer decided half way through she was done. She sat down and started crying. As soon as we made it to the finish, we discovered the problem. . .
"I wanna BUFFIN!!" (muffin)-the entire thing is crammed in her mouth in this one.

I made cute (or cheesy, depending on your sense of humor) turkey medals for the kids out of a cereal box. My ever-competitive son made me write #1 on his when we got home, because (and I'm quoting here): "I ran really fast and crossed the finish line first because my sketchers make me go FAST!!" He gets it from Daddy, what can I say.
Dinner at the Shumans.And Summer greatly enjoyed her blueberry pie afterward.
We had a BBQ at Biscayne National Park on Saturday. As soon as Garrett found out we were going, he said "I hope we can find some good trees to climb". Which, of course, he did.
Shocker-Summer, eating. Garnet and Miss Jess were both elevated WAY up on Summer's list of favorite people this weekend!

Best buds with their sticks. Silly boys! They've been OBSESSED with each other lately and always asking to play. Even Summer is obsessed now, everything is "Xan-er" this and "Xan-er" that.On top of those fun gatherings, we did the usual Thanksgiving weekend stuff too . . .

We watched Football (poor Aspen was pooped!). I wish I could post the picture of Summer imitating the refs signals, but since we are potty training, she was completely nakie at the time. It was super cute though! (And yes, the potty training is going well. I think if we would just STAY HOME for several days it would be a done deal, but its next to impossible).
I took some pictures of the Shumans (their first family photos since Xander was born!).
. . . and they took some of us. Summer was NOT cooperative, so it took 2 tries. Little stinker. She really can't be convinced to do anything she doesn't want to. This is the only peak you are getting though, until after Christmas!
And we got the Christmas stuff down from the attic. We decorated the banister, but the tree will wait a few more weeks since we're going to get a live one again this year. Garrett made his Christmas list:

In case you can't read Brad's chicken scratch, the opening line is "Happy Christmas to you Santa" :-) He also wanted us to add "Battle-gaun" after I took this (that would be Bakugans, which of course I had to look up how to spell!). I'm still so proud that he is writing his name.

And last, but not least, a video of Garrett singing his Harvest song from school. He rushed through it, probably because I've made him sing it about 1,000 times in the past few weeks. But at least the memory is preserved.

So, so very much to be thankful for this year. And we won't be forgetting, just because Thanksgiving is over.


Queenie said...

I REALLY need to start blogging more of our family memories somewhere. :o) I am so glad you guys got to join in some of our fun as well. With my parents traveling this year, I don't know what I would have done without my adopted "family" around to fill me with laughter and adventures. You guys rock!!!

Angela said...

I don't scrapbook, so THIS is it. Someday I'm going to make a blog book so I can have it all in print.