Friday, September 19, 2008

First night with two kids

Can I just say our first night with both Garrett and Summer home went WAY smoother than I ever imagined?? We had an early dinner (Thanks Leanne!!) and then went out to play with the neighbor kids for a while. Garrett got to go for a little walk with his pal Xander (Thanks Shumans for taking him off our hands for a while, and for the yummy dinner the night before!), and when he came home we started our bedtime routine. Summer is SUCH an easy baby, she just sat in our battery-less infant swing in her room while we read to Garrett. Brad took her to our room while Garrett and I had our cuddle time, and he pretty much went straight to sleep.

After that, we gave Summer her first bath (awesome thing about homebirth, no off-to-the-nursery-for-a-major-scrub-immediately), and she too was out like a light by 8pm. She's already sleeping great in the nursery, and other than the occasional grunt or cry in the middle of sleep, she didn't make a peep again until almost midnight. Garrett woke up around the same time, and it was kind of hard getting him back to sleep. Once we were able to get Summer back to bed, he was willing to go. He took his stool and "helped" me put her back to bed, after giving her a good night kiss of course! He seems to be adjusting so well to her. Garrett finally went back to bed (with half of his new car stash he received from sissy!), and so did we. Summer slept until 4:30, and went back to sleep straight away.

NOT a bad night, at all. Lets hope it continues to go this smoothly! I can't believe our little girl is barely 36 hours old. I feel great, she's getting the hang of nursing now, and Garrett is always asking "Where's mommy's baby?" He'll then say "Let me see her!" or "I hold her!" So far, so good!! More to come . . .

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