Sunday, September 14, 2008

40 Weeks

My "due" date has come and gone. The thing about having babies is that they really don't seem to pay much attention to arbitrary dates (or schedules for that matter). So we are just waiting around for little baby Compton to make his/her appearance. It could still be a week or more, so I wish people would PLEASE stop calling and asking if we "Had the baby yet" . . . seriously, we're as eager to share the news as everyone is to hear it. But it isn't going to happen until this stubborn child is ready!! Garrett was 6 days late, as a point of reference.

Garrett has decided belly pictures are a reason to get excited, because HE wants his picture taken too. This picture is darling, as long as you overlook the fact my son is COMPLETELY naked (He had just gone potty). We've had a nice weekend . . . went to the pool and to Biscayne National Park. Spent some time playing outside and going for walks. Cleaned. Nothing phenominal. Just getting things done while we still can.


Hartley's said...

The look on your face sums up your entire post!
I can't believe how tall Garrett is! They grow too fast!

Leanne said...

awe you poor thing! Don't worry I know that little baby girl is just awaiting her arrival:)