Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet Summer!

I still can't believe she's here, and how easy things have been so far. Garrett likes her a lot, but is having to learn how to be nice. He's made her cry a few times already, but immediately says "Sorry Baby!" He'll also go "Poor, poor baby" whenever she cries. So far, so good! Tonight will be the real challenge. We were so blessed that the Criders kept him overnight last night so we could focus on Summer. Now comes the fun part.

She has SO much hair, she definately looks like she takes after my side of the family. Maybe my Dad won't think she's bald, which he said Garrett was when he was born :-)

Being weighed by the midwife

Sleeping with Mommy last night (CHECK OUT ALL THE HAIR!!)

A rare moment where she was actually sleeping in her crib

My husband just LOVES getting his picture taken :-) He's already hopelessly smitten, though.

Garrett holding his baby sister for the first time.

"She's CUTE!" He announces.
Lots of hugs for Baby Summer!

That's it for now. We have no complaints--nursing is going better, and everybody is pretty happy and feeling great. Its so nice to have been home all along. Summer is really laid back, and other than wanting to be held all the time, she's a super easy baby. And who can really blame her for wanting to be held?? :-)


April said...

She is beautiful! What a gorgeous head of hair and her complexion is AMAZING! At first glance, I think she looks like Brad!!!! I love her name. I can't wait to see her in person!!! :)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, and wow, you weren't kidding about the hair! What a gorgeous family you have, and Garrett looks as smitten as Daddy does :-) CONGRATULATIONS.
Best wishes to you all from Kathryn, Peter and Havana!

Madeleine said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl!!!! Wishing you lot's of fun nights!!!
All our Love,
The Roques
Madeleine, Javier, & Spencer

Hartley's said...

WOW- she has tons of hair! I loved nursing both babies- but the second was defintiely easier. I held my second almost all day- I didn't want to put her down and she didn't want me to. I relished her newborness, knowing she may be my last.

The Fambros said...

She is gorgeous!!! And the pictures with Garrett are soo adorable!! Congrats! You look great in the picture with you btw!

Rosales Family said...

wow! she is a cutie! She has enough hair for bows already.