Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another Busy Monday

We had another busy Monday yesterday . . . My Gym in the morning, then out to RSMAS for a quick meeting with my boss and to get a few extra housekeeping things done. Garrett was on pretty good behavior while we were there, which surprised me.

Let me back up a little--our weekend was very nice and relaxing. We were expecting to have to spend it making preparations for Hurricane Ike, but thank God it decided to go much further south. We're getting a little bit of wind from it today, but nothing worth fussing about. We went to the pool, attended a birthday party and just had some good, quality family time.

My Gym on Monday was a blast, Garrett is getting to the point that he really listens to what the teachers say and do what they ask. He is also getting very adventurous, and is willing to try almost anything if you explain it to him. I seem to be having bad camera luck lately--my battery died on me, so I didn't get that many pictures. A few of these were taken by our organizer, Haydee.

With friends Robert and Michael

Yes, I'm still pregnant, no I don't know when the baby will come . . . I'll be 40 weeks on Thursday. Keep in mind Garrett was 40 weeks, 6 days when he decided to enter the world, and even then he was not ready to come out. So we still might have a bit of a wait ahead of us!!

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