Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Piggy and Blue Puppy

Yesterday was a good day. Garrett climbed in to bed with us in the wee hours of the morning, but slept until 7, which meant he was pleasant for pretty much the entire day. He didn't nap, despite his daddy's best efforts to get him to do so, but that is neither here nor there. Imagine our surprise when I walked into our bedroom to find none other than THE blue puppy perched on Summer as she napped in her Bassinet. That's right. THE blue puppy. Garrett gave Blue Puppy to his baby sister. How sweet is that! And as soon as she woke up this morning, Garrett said "Let me hold her!" So we did, and he kept saying "She's sooo cute! I like her. Baby Summer, sister!" So that was just the best way to start the day.

Brad's been feeling a little under the weather, so he decided to stay home from the appointment we had with the pediatrician. We wanted Dr. Geraldi to check her out because of the issue of not knowing when my water broke. I was GBS positive, which can be an issue if your water is broken for very long. Summer also had the tiniest bit of meuconium, but she didn't aspirate it. Anyway, Dr. Geraldi checked her out and gave her a clean bill of health. And she has gained--are you ready for this??--2 oz in 5 days. Yeah, most babies usually loose weight their first week, especially little breastfed babies!! Not our little piggy. All she does is eat. So it was a good visit. She and I then went on a solo trip to Target. It was crazy to be out alone with an infant after all this time, but a great precursor to being out with both of them.

Garrett "helped" Brad put his HAM radio in the Focus, and came in filthy. You really can't see ALL the dirt in this picture, but he was REALLY dirty. He has been ALL about the dirt here lately!
And here is my little piggy girl. I must say, I am enjoying dressing her in all these cute girlie clothes. The little jumper is a hand me down from our neighbors, the Largents, and the sweater is a beautiful handmade knit from our friend Sidney. She got so many complements while we were out. Isn't she cute?

Today I took Garrett and Summer out for a while to a playdate here in town so Brad could rest a little--he's feeling under the weather still and was up early with Garrett so Summer and I could catch up on our sleep. It went well enough for our first time out solo--Summer napped in the sling. Garrett had some listening issues, so we came home early. Work in progress!


Leanne said...

I love the new pics! glad to see everything is going well:)

JenFen said...

Aww.. I love how good G is with his new little sister, even sharing Blue Puppy. It does bring back memories. Jake was a doting big brother as well. I still cannot get over all of Summer's dark hair. She is a doll and yes cute girl clothes are so much fun after having a boy. Glad to hear things are going well. I am so happy for you.

Kaycee said...

Her outfit is adorable and wow I cannot believe how much hair she has!! LOL! Glad to hear Garrett is such a great big bro.