Monday, January 21, 2008

USCG Auxilliary Change of Watch

This past Saturday, Brad and I went on a BIG date night to the Change of Watch for his CG Auxiliary Flotilla. The USCG Auxiliary is a strange and unique beast--although they are volunteers, the directly and indirectly assist the Coast Guard. They wear essentially the same uniform as the "Gold Side", as they refer to the active duty members, but have no law enforcement capabilities. Anyway, Brad was instituted as a "Staff Officer" . . . he will take care of finances for his flotilla. Interesting stuff!! My man looks good in uniform :-) Dana watched Garrett for us, and her mom was kind enough to shoot a couple pictures of us all gussied up. Yay for a few decent family pics for a change.

I was very sick on Sunday. Fabulous . . . but oh well, small price to pay for a new addition. We didn't let it stop us from attending the local art fest at UM. But I have definately had better days! More later, we did My Gym again today. I need to SLEEP!


Hartley's said...

You are right about the dress, it is way cuter on you then it was in that picture!

Leanne said...

awe! That is a really nice family photo! Go comptons:)