Monday, January 14, 2008

Pictures with our fab neighbors!

Garrett LOVES our new neighbors, as I mentioned in the previous post . . . Some pictures demonstrating the enjoyment had by all.

The boys have taught Garrett to wrestle. Mark is his favorite target:

Randon the stunt man:
(Garrett really tries to ride the skateboard, which is hilarious in and of itself).

Attitude from my little guy (look how long the hair is!!)

Nayna, Nayna!!

Claire has this scooter that Garrett can actually stand on.
Here he is using it (he has learned to go already!!)


Leanne said...

holy cow you take some awesome pictures! And im a little upset thinking you guys might have a boy (chinese age thing) because im praying for a little girl:)

JenFen said...

Great pics - it's so weird to see all of you in shorts and T-shirts in January. Hehe!