Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No new pictures . . .

But I had to write to say how completely blown away I am by my kid these days. He is so darn grown up, its frightening! Today he was hollering at dinner, as a typical 1.5 year old would do, and we shushed him. So he learned to shush. He is saying SO MUCH these days, brocolli, puppies, keys, duck, bird, plane, car, truck, hat, up, no, nana, out, and more than I could possibly sit here and name . . . sometimes I swear he is starting to recognize letters. We got him these Usborn Flashcards of the letters, he loves to look at them during diaper changes and when dressing. Lately he has been asking to take a few books or some flashcards to bed with him for naps and night time. He loves to read and look at the flashcards. Tonight he grabbed six of them and ran to his crib--he couldn't wait to get in and read them. Then as I was leaving the room, he made a kissy face. So I gave him a kiss. Then he asked for another and another--kissed him between the bars, over the bars. He was still blowing kisses when I walked out.

We have new neighbors next door, a family of 4 kids ranging from 12 to 5. Garrett absolutely adores them, and them him. They homeschool, so they are outside most afternoons. Garrett runs over as soon as he sees them and just jumps right in. They are so great to him, sharing all their toys and watching over him. The oldest is going to be a lifesaver for me, she keeps offering to do anything from walking my dogs to babysitting to cleaning. THAT will come in handy as my tummy gets huge!

My mom left today, we had a nice visit. Garrett had way too much with her, she loves playing almost as much as he does!! Work has been incredibly busy, but is finally tailing off. Now maybe I can catch up on pictures. For right now, I better get back to cleaning the closet out (feeling a strong need to make room for #2, even though s/he won't be here for at least another 35 weeks!)

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CamiGirl'sMom said...

AWW GO Garrett!! Sounds like he is a little sponge just like Cami. :)

Thanks for the well wishes on TTC. I hope we get May 08 babies together. hehe!