Monday, January 14, 2008

Nayna, Nayna!!

My son is officially in love with another woman! We have this awesome family that moved in next door from NC. They have four kids, from 13 to 4. Their oldest, named Dana, is such a blessing--she is always willing to help out with Garrett or around the house, and Garrett adores her. He runs whenever he sees/hears here, crying "Nayna, Nayna!!" . . . its absolutely adorable. All four of the kids seem to really enjoy them, and he LOVES them. I hope he doesn't drive them crazy, because he goes to play almost every day!!

The Shuman boys are over today--their mom had to go to work for the day. Its been INTERESTING having three kids under the age of two in the house!! But all in all, they've been great. There was even a point when all three of them were napping at the same time. Woot! Garrett LOVES having Logan around, he constantly says "baby, baby". He loves to give him kisses and "help" with various things . . . . he's gonna be a great big brother. Here's a few pics from today. Hoping to get a few of all three boys (Xander is not enamored with his brother at this moment, and is always on the go playing with the toys!)
Sharing my couch with Logan!


Good napper!!

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Leanne said...

The little kisses are too cute!