Thursday, January 03, 2008

Global warming my butt.

Seriously, it is 35 degrees here. It is not supposed to be 35 degrees in Miami . . . it DID snow here in the 80s, if that happens again I am moving further south!! (IE, the Caribbean!!)

We've had a load of hot coacoa today, and are trying desperately to stay WARM. May we never have to return to places it actually gets this cold for more than a couple days a year!! :-)


CamiGirl'sMom said...

Ohh the Carribean sounds GREAT!! Take me with you :)!

Sorry yall are having such cold weather in Florida..craziness, huh?

gLobeY said...

I hear ya! I'm in San Diego and in the morning when I wake up it's in the 40s! It shouldn't be this cold! But then again, global warming means warmer summers and colder winters. Weather Extremes. Aye Carumba!