Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy day yesterday

We had a super busy day yesterday. Playdate in the morning, then off to the zoo with our friends Jessica, Alex and Gabriel. Garrett had a blast. He had so much fun playing with the boys! Gabriel is older, and Garrett is totally into hanging out with older kids these days. They played trains and had fun chasing each other around. Garrett walked a LOT while we were at the zoo, which was sort of a first for him. I just can't get over how big he is getting!! He went on his first train ride while we were at the zoo, the monorail that goes around the whole zoo. It was fun, but we did it in the afternoon and the two younger boys were just DONE and ready to head home. We had a minor meltdown, but everyone survived. :-)

Not much new here. We are going to an art festival at UM tomorrow. I am feeling decent, just a little morning sickness. I am exhausted, but can't even seem to get a nap it, even when Garrett does sleep well. Today we are just hanging around the house, trying to rest up.

Garrett and I at the playdate

Garrett enjoying the playground at Evelyn Greer

Garrett riding the train at the zoo

Gabriel on the train

Jessica and Alex

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Anonymous said...

we had a blast at the zoo! ~Jessica~