Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

This post is obviously going to be a little picture heavy.

First up - Christmas prep:
Basket for Garrett's teacher on the last day of school
Summer crushing candy canes to make peppermint cake ball pops:

Summer enjoying cake balls:

Finished product, which went to some of our friends :-)

Two days before Christmas, we FINALLY got a Wii (Thanks Grandma Becky!). Brad and I tested it out that night, and Garrett got to give it a try on Christmas Eve. Mario Kart = big hit!
Ginger bread house construction. I wasn't very good at this, and half of the roof fell off. Next time I think I'll use super glue!
But the kids sure had a fabulous time decorating:
Garrett selected goodies for Santa and dictated a letter, then signed his own name.

No wonder Santa is so fat!
After the kids were in bed, Santa's elves delivered the other big goodie:

We put the empty box in the living room and the actual car in the garage. I have a very cute video to upload of Garrett discovering what Santa had left, but I need to find MORE time to upload that.

Christmas morning
Garrett was up way before Summer was. No surprise there.
Happy boy got most of thing things from his Christmas list.

Summer got up and opened her goodies at her own pace. She is in love with the bear she got from my dad (wearing the hat from the Davis clan)

Kisses for "Bear"
Slowly unwrapping her gifts :-)

Giving Potato Head Jr. hugs (Thanks Aunt Stephie!)
Not sure I have taken a picture of the tree in all its glory!
Tea set = HUGE HIT! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa C!
How come my hubby looks handsome on Christmas morning and I look like THIS? Am I just a better photographer, or what? :-)

And then we spent lots of time outside enjoying the car :-)

For dinner, we had my friend Glori and her family over. The men hit it off, the kids had a blast, and the only picture I took was of the dessert tray.
Just a few more, almost done!! Lego fun and dressup.

And that, folks is Christmas 2010 in pictures, and a few sparse words. Absolutely the best Christmas ever.

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Queenie said...

I shared a very similar sentiment. My friends made this year ROCK for us and I am spending my New Year celebrating the fact that I am indeed a lucky girl. :o)