Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card Photos - Take 1.

I am horrendously behind. AGAIN. Since I last updated, we had Garrett's Christmas program at school, and got the LARGEST TREE available at Lowes for our house. Then proceeded to rearrange our furniture downstairs. Because apparently moving a 10 foot tree into the house wasn't enough of a challenge. I worked most of the weekend, got knocked on my butt by a migraine, went to an awesome birthday party for one of Garrett's besties, finished most of the crafting/wrapping/packing of boxes to go to various family members. And I sooo have not even taken our Christmas pictures yet. Every year, I get the kids and the dogs together for this ONE thing. This is the only time all of my babies are ever in a picture together. Last year it took two (or was it three?) tries to get a winning picture. It is just not that easy to get all four of them to look at the camera and behave. I suppose it would be easier if we just did the kids, but the dogs are such a big part of the family I just can't bear to leave them out.

I've seriously considered not sending cards this year. I usually have my cards printed and out right after Thanksgiving, but have been so far behind this year with all the chaos. Even if I get the pictures done in the next few days, I'm not sure its realistic to print and mail them before hand. I'm considering just sticking it here and on FB and if anyone wants it, I'll send them a file. We'll see though-it just depends how long it takes me to get a decent picture.

I did these this evening, because that's as soon as we got to it. Everyone was relatively cooperative, the lighting just wasn't good. So we'll probably try again in the morning. Enjoy the outtakes!

Oh, side note: I started writing for Our Wicked Ways . . . check out the sidebar for the link. Most of the motivational/fitness/healthy living stuff will be blogged about there. And starting in January, I'll also be writing for 500 miles in 2011 (Not to late to sign up for the challenge!!)

My son, the clown. Too bad Summer wasn't looking at the camera.
This is totally reminiscent of the lip lock G laid on Lolly several years ago during our trip to Orlando. And to think I was just asking for a peck on the cheek--usually I can't even get G to that!!

I love their smiles here. Oh, and can you get a sense of how ENORMOUS my tree is based on these pictures????


Lindsay said...

I was sad not to get Ace in our pics this year, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have Laura take them while we were in Austin together. (Ace is not invited to Austin. Boo.) Next year!

Queenie said...

Take the photo when you can and send it out as a New Year greeting. Really. I am certain that it would be enjoyed lots more AFTER the holiday chaos. :o)

Leanne said...

they are so cute!!!! Love the one of them both smiling at the camera:)