Thursday, December 02, 2010

Whoops! (Could also be titled random musings)

I realized that in all the potty training chaos, I have completely skipped the obligatory "I can't believe its December, where has the year gone??!!" post. And really, I'm too tired to write one. Potty training, Compton style, is exhausting. There is nothing gradual about it when we decide to potty train. We just don't use diapers anymore during awake periods. In the past 2 days, we haven't even used diapers when we go out. Which means lots of planning, a bit of laundry, and nothing as indulgent as a ride in the jogging stroller so I can run right now. Which means I have to strong arm friends in to Summer-sitting so I can run. AND Brad has been out of town for the past 36 hours for work. I can count on one hand the number of times we've been apart in the eight (yes, it will be EIGHT!) years we've been married . . . and really, every time we do it I'm reminded how much I still love the man, even though he can drive me totally batty sometimes :-)

So, anyway-Potty training. Bought big girl undies today. Summer has the whole potty thing down, now we just need to work on it with clothes on. Summer also got her own marble jar this week-since she's acting so big, its time to start rewarding her for helping out. I think I may find her something smaller so she can get a few prizes to get the idea, but I think Garrett may take serious offense to this so I must think about that a little more before making a decision.

Garrett is obsessed with Super heros. He loves his Iron man and spider-man PJs. Its COLD here and none of his zip-up sweatshirts fit anymore, so I took him to Walmart (mostly to find tiny undies) and let him pick out a sweatshirt. He originally wanted Transformers, but as soon as he found Iron Man he was stoked. Picture of that will be forthcoming.
And, of course, there have been lots of fun creations this week.

I think this is a robot.

And this was a Bat-mobile. No idea where this whole super-hero obsession has come from. He's also obsessed with comics. Go figure.
Last, but not least, Summer trying to write while I was trying to work. This kid loves to write and color. Garrett never could stand to sit for it at this age.
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Hoping for lots of fun, even though I do need to work too. I'm ready to go get the Christmas tree already!

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