Friday, December 03, 2010

Frugal Friday . . . I can't say a single thing

The holidays are such a HARD time to spend reasonably. I think we're doing nice gifts this year on a reasonable budget. I want the kids, and especially Garrett, to see what the spirit of the holidays are truly about--thoughtfulness, family, and giving. We're doing a lot of hand made (either by ourselves or others) gifts this year. And of course, I can't share a DARN THING on here about the fabulous deals or ideas we're using, because pretty much everyone we're doing stuff for reads this blog.

So here's your frugal Friday . . . Don't go crazy in your holiday shopping-just because something costs a lot doesn't mean its from the heart. In addition to gifts that Garrett had on his list, this year I'll be doing some things for him that he has asked for from time to time but I haven't had time to do--like sewing the patches on his Lowes Apron. I suspect that will go over just as well as buying him some expensive toy I will end up donating to Good Will in a year or two. And don't forget about Consignment shops. Buying second hand may have a horrible reputation, but we love doing it here for TWO reasons. Number one is I am cheap, and I hate spending money. Number two is that if something in perfectly good use isn't given away or sold to another person, where does it go? Yes, that's right, the landfill. Along with the box it came in. You get the idea.

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