Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Wrap Up

Since I've been stinking at getting the blog updated lately, I figured I would do a "Wrap Up" post of all the going-ons in our household over the past week and a half or so. Pardon the craptastic Cell Phone pictures for the first few--as I've mentioned, lugged the SLR is just not high on my to-do list lately.

We went to the zoo with our good friend Miss Allison and her kids, Hazel and Jakob
Hazel and Garrett like holding hands.

Brad had to serve Jury Duty all day last Monday, so Garrett made him this.
"I made this for Daddy. Its a boat house!"
Mr. No pants playing with his flashlight

And one of his sticker books
(The scratch on his nose was from a face-plant during the zoo trip!)

Aspen love Summer, he's always by her side.
I arranged his ear, Summer was not sure what to think!

Daddy told Garrett he was bringing him a "Special Surprise" one day when he came home from work. Silly Garrett talked about it all day.
He really enjoyed his special cookie!

Summer's favorite thing is her Jump-a-roo, on loan from the Largents.

Riding in the backpack is her new favorite evening activity.
Its been nice to cook dinner with no one screaming :-)

These are from today--this outfit is one Allison gave us, and one of my favorites!

Last, but not least, Brad and I went rock climbing last night at Xtreme Rock Climbing . . . it was a BLAST. We're going to try and go again tomorrow, it is absolutely the best way to spend a date night :-) What better way to say "I love you" than trusting your spouse to NOT drop you as you scale a 30' wall.

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Hartley's said...

Summer is looking so much like you! UGH- I did real rock climbing when I was a teen and HATED it- to much adrenaline for me- I am a walking and smelling the flowers gal- you seem like my sis. - she helicopter jumped with a snowbaord in Alaska.
Good for you and all your activities!
- Sidney