Monday, February 02, 2009


Allison tagged me to do 10 things about myself . . . thanks a lot girlie!

1. I love to cook . . . its hard to find the time to do it, but I love it. Lately I'm really enjoying trying new dishes and finding creative ways to get my family to eat heatlhy.

2. I am a HORRIBLE housekeeper. I find it impossible to choose to clean when I could be playing with my kids, my dogs, playing outside, doing something active, etc. etc. etc. I just am not good at it!!

3. Given the choice of a ritzy hotel or a tent in the boonies, I would pick a tent every time

4. St. John, USVI is my favorite vacation spot--everywhere else I've been dulls in comparision!

5. I used to hate to run, and now I love it

6. Even though they drive me up the wall sometimes, my kids are the best things in my world

7. My hubby is the greatest--he's been awesome with my busy workout (and work) schedule this year.

8. I miss my best friend from HS--we used to talk daily and now its getting harder and harder to keep in touch!!

9. I couldn't live without books on tape--they make my days in the lab go SO much faster!!

10. I really couldn't live somewhere it is cold--the thought of being stuck indoors with 2 kids makes me quake in my boots!!

Leanne, your it!!!

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