Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nana and Pawpaws Visit - Part 2

Here are the photos from Nana's camera from their visit here last week. :-) Thanks Nana!
A 5 month old should not be able to have bed head . . .

Garrett and Pawpaw reading a story

Garrett and Daddy playing "race car game!"

Pawpaw, Garrett and Nana in front of an Indy Car at Classics by the Bay
(too bad this was BEFORE we went to Spring Training. Ever since then he's been going "I love those Indy cars, they are REALLY COOL!")
Garrett and Daddy oogling the classic cars

The four of us in front of the trailer for the speedway . . .
Garrett was pointing out all of the vehicles
("Oh, look, a motor cycle, and a go part, and a race car. Oh and another race car!!")


Leanne said...

look...she's smiling!!!! Way to go mom!

Grandma Becky said...

Finally a smile on Summer and what a cutie. Garrett looks all into the cars, can hardly wait to see you all next month and see those smiles on the grandbabies in person.

Angela said...

I totally didn't even realize that they got a picture of her smiling--she's so stubborn about smiling for the camera!!