Friday, February 27, 2009

Miami Seaquarium with the Shumans

We went to the Seaquarium today with the Shumans--we wouldn't have gone, but for the fact Jess had the day off and we just haven't been able to get the boys together that much since Summer was born. Garrett adores them--he always asks if they are home, and once asked Chris "Do you need pajamas?" when we saw him and he said he was sleepy. Most of the time we were there, he was far more interested in sitting by Jess than me. :-)

Chris, Logan, Xander, Jess, and Garrett

Looking VERY serious during the show!
Couldn't resist posting this one of Logie--he's gotten so big!

Killer whale show

Garrett got very excited by the manatee.

And since it is impossible to get pictures of her when we are out (since she's always ON ME)
Miss Summer before we left :-)

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MACMAN said...

Very cute pictures of the family on your outing. Maybe one day, you all of the family will swim with the dolphins in Miami, as you know you can do that there. Nice blog.
God bless,