Monday, February 16, 2009

My Garrett

I haven't written in a while about Garrett . . . he's crazy and wild, yet sweet and thoughtful. He's definitely his own person these days, and its hard not to love him to pieces!

He loves to sing. No matter where you are or what you are doing. He sings at the beach, at the dinner table, and in bed. He loves to hear his songs in the car and sing to them. He'll say "I want my songs, not your songs!" His favorite songs are "Life is a Highway" from Cars, "Treasure" from a pirate episode of Backyardigans, and "Down By the Station"--which he calls "Pufferbillies".

If he can hear "Go Parts"-- that's Go Karts to the rest of us (they race almost every weekend next to the speedway)--he is begging to go see them. He'll sit forever just watching them race. I can't wait for Brad to take him to the NASCAR race in November at the Speedway, he'll love that.

He's getting better at expressing his feelings. The other day he told me he was "mad" that I wouldn't let him watch anymore TV. He has told me "Mom, you hurt my feelings" and "I fruster-rated with you, Mom!". This is a pretty big milestone in my book.

He's polite--he says please and thank you 90% of the time. He is sweet, especially when it comes to his daddy. "I miss my daddy!! He'll be home from work soon." He'll ask to call Brad to tell him just that much.

He's learning to trace--he can do basic circles now, and the rest probably isn't far behind. He can do colors, shapes, and some letters. Santa brought him magnetic letters for Christmas, and he loves to play with those and ask what every letter is. He can match them.

So that's a little bit of a Garrett update--pictures of him are hard to come by. He'll actually tell me "No pictures!" when I get the camera out. Gee, I wonder who he gets THAT from. (Hint: NOT ME!)

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