Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictures from Sunday

Special thanks to Sam for taking these fabulous pictures--we had such a great time with Flotilla 67!!

Brad and Julian (who gave us a ride on his wonderful little no-name boat!) as we arrived at Elliot KeyJust arrived :-)
It was windy and bumpy and my Garrett immediately announced "I NEED TO GO PEEPEE"
so this was the best picture we got.

Garrett exploring the mangroves in the arctic waters :-)
For goodness sake, look at the jacket I had to wear . . .
My feet were numb after the first 10 minutes, he made us stay for an hour.
Summer snoozing in the sling for Brad

Daddy's girl
I asked him if it would scar his manliness to wear her among all his boating buddies . . .in a teal sling :-) He was a good sport. My dear husband turned 30 yesterday--I sure do love him to pieces!! I hope he had a nice birthday--we relaxed at home and spent somet time in the hammock when the kiddos went to bed.

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Leanne said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to go!!!