Monday, December 22, 2008


My son is growing up. Way too fast. in fact, both of my kids are.

Christmas always makes me feel nostalgic, especially when I look through my pictures and measure how much he has grown in them . . . And that I know my days with Summer being a little tiny infant are so limited. It blows my mind. In another three months, she'll be sitting up on her own and probably at least army crawling, starting solids, and doing who-knows-what-else. Part of all of it makes me sad, because I know she'll be the last time I get to experience all these things, since she is our last.

Anyway, this past weekend, Garrett and Brad had this conversation in the morning:
Garrett: Dad, can I have cake cakes for breakfast?
Brad: Yes, lets go make them
Garrett: With blueberries!
Brad: We don't have any blueberries.
Garrett: We need to go to the store. Can we have strawberries?
Brad: We don't have strawberries.
Garrett: We need to get strawberries too!

My other favorite thing is that whenever we have anything involving noodles, he will call them "Noodles from scratch!" And often sing the song (its all from a book we have . . . )

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