Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another crazy weekend . . .

We had another crazy weekend around here . . . For starters, we were sick last week. Garrett started getting sick on Tuesday but was better by Wednesday afternoon. I was feeling like I had been hit by a train and Wednesday, and feeling *so so* on Thursday. Poor Brad got sick on Thursday. Thursday was also my 27th birthday, so me feeling so so + Brad being sick = crappy birthday! Thankfully we made up for it on Friday--Brad and I went to his work Christmas party. He's been working there for 4 years now, and his office is pretty small, so I feel like we know everyone fairly well (I so don't enjoy parties where I don't know anyone0 . . . We had a great time! Pictures to follow (hopefully-if Crystal is willing to share!)

I worked ALL day Saturday. And I do mean all day. As in, up at 3am, home at 11pm. It sounds insane, but a nice chunk of my time had to be spent communing with my good friend Medela . . . disadvantage of going to the office when you breastfeed. but I'll take 1 21 hour day in the office over 5 8-hour days any day of the week.

We did some things around the house on Sunday, but otherwise took it easy. I did some things for work. Garrett had a major play session with Aspen and the hedgehog--pictures of that are below. They seem to have a love-hate relationship. Garrett dislikes Aspen being in his space, but always looks for him and gives him love. Just like human siblings. Aspen just goes with the flow. He is such a wonderful, gentle dog. And so quiet--Haylee is all growls when she plays, but Aspen just silently goes for the toy and gently tries to take it away. Good dog.

The last picture is of Garrett deciding he needed to sit in Summer's walker. It DID used to be his, after all. If you're in to comparisons, click here to see just how far our little man has come!

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Leanne said...

Mr. look a little to big for that mister, or maybe you were showing baby sister how to do it!