Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

The plan for Christmas Eve was to spend a little while at our friend Spirit's party, go to Christmas Eve service and then look at Christmas lights. "The Plan" only lasted about 10 minutes--the time it took for Pastor to inform us that there was no child care for Christmas Eve service. One tired toddler + one tired baby does not equal Silent Night, Holy Night, All is Calm, All is Bright. The Compton family exited from the stratigically chosen rear pew within 5 minutes of the service starting, when it sunk in that this was NOT going to work out without the entire congregation being disrupted.

But MAN did the kids look cute:
We did get to drive around and look at the lights though. Garrett loved it for about 20 minutes, but then was too tired to care about much of anything but insisting he was NOT sleepy. He did stay awake long enough to set out milk and cookies for Santa though!

Poor Summer, her brother loves her a bit much some times:

Sweet little boy was just trying to give a kiss

But boys just never seem to master where to place their hands :-)

"Don't cry Summer, I sorry!"

"Seriously, Mom, what just happened??"
All I can say is you never know what to expect during a photo session with these two, especially not at 6 in the evening!

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Leanne said...

ahhhhh hahahahhahahhahahhaa! I love the hand over the face expression! You have the cutest kids ever!