Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Pictures: The Out takes

You know there will be a lot of them, what with a two year old, a jack russell that does not like the two year old, an infant, and, well, Aspen. Picture overload ahead--some of which are truely horrendous, yet appallingly entertaining.

Take 1: Sunday night (Thanksgiving weekend)

Garrett: Summer, why are you crying?
Aspen: Zzzzz
Summer is still not impressed

Santa's evil elf?

The ONLY semi decent picture from our first attempt
(Its a little over exposed)
Take 2:
Tuesday morning of last week.
Yes, it took me that long to get brave enough to try again.

Not sure about Summer's face!

Summer: Oh no, is he going to steal my bow again??

Garrett looking a little GQ
A little much in the smile department for Garrett.
Besides the dopey faces, not the grey dog silhouette.
This is probably the only picture I will ever get where Garrett is petting Haylee.
She thinks it is a fate worse than death.
If the blanket had covered more of the railing, this would have been the one.
I love every single face!
Garrett, seriously!

This was the runner up for our Christmas picture.
The dogs are even smiling, but Brad didn't like Summer's silly face (Yawn, maybe?)
Haylee gave up and ran to hide.
This would have been so cute, if Summer hadn't been too tired to hold her little head up!
Definately a pose to try again next year!


Leanne said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love the last picture of Summer...she's like is this finally over bc im pooped! I also like the one of Hailey's head cocked to one side:) What cute pictures you artsy one!

Kaycee said...

Awww! Those are soo cute. Her bow looks good :)!! I love "outatkes" I need to get some with both girls in the same!

JenFen said...

Those are so cute and funny. We used to include the dogs in our holiday pictures but after having kids, that was hard enough. You are a brave woman to continue to try and get a good picture with 2 kids and 2 dogs. LOL!

BTW - you could probably photoshop the one where the sheet fell off the rail and have it covering that back area. Just a thought.