Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Crazy weekend

I'm so bummed the weekend has come and gone already--it flies by way too fast. This weekend was pretty crazy, but in a good way. I got to have a little night out on Friday. We then went to a cookout at at Miss Allison's on Saturday and boating with Brad's Coast Guard Flotilla on Sunday. We stayed at Miss Allison's until WAY past the kids' bedtime, but they both did so well. Garrett had a blast playing with his buddies. Oh, and Brad and Garrett also hung some lights on the outside of the house.

Sunday was the first boat ride for Summer, and the weather was less than favorable. I didn't bring my camera, so I have no documentation. She hated her life jacket, but otherwise was a doll. She napped there and back. We spent several hours on Elliot Key picnicing. Garrett was very excited by the whole thing--he loved that we were on an island and having a picnic. He also ate us out of house and home while we were there . . . one container of fruit salad, four cups of mandrin oranges, 2 hotdogs, a yogurt, a string cheese, and 2 cookies later, he spent 2 hours playing in FREEZING cold water. We had such a blast though. Summer spent most of her time in the sling, which BRAD wore. Nice break for me there! The only downside of the day was that Garrett decided to touch one of the grills and burnt his hand. But in typical fashion, he only cried for a while. After the fact, he told Brad "I have an owie. I'm okay, but it hurts." It could have been a lot worse, hopefully now when we say HOT he'll really get the idea. Poor guy!

Sorry there are no pictures . . . I'm finding it hard to lug the camera lately, and I frankly am too busy enjoying my kids (and chasing after them) to even get it out half the time. More this week, I promise! We're making cookies tomorrow with our playgroup, so that should be fun!

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Leanne said...

Another weekend of your family on the go:) Sounded great!