Saturday, February 10, 2007


Garrett and I are loving his new Babyhawk Mei-Tai. After the falling incident (involved the MT but was my fault), Brad doesn't like it too much and I think it will take a while to convince him its a good thing. But it makes my life a snap and is nice and cozy for Garrett. We went to the Everglades today and he just chilled in it for a while, then took a good nap. And it makes breastfeeding on the go a snap again (something that became hard when Garrett outgrew the cradle-hold in his hotsling). And it makes housework a cinch, especially in the evenings when he just wants to be held.

Tomorrow we are off to a baby fair with Adrianne, Cody, their little peanut and Daddy Sabino. This will be the first time we have gotten together with the "men-folk" around--should be fun! Hugs everyone!

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