Friday, February 09, 2007

Garrett's new buddy

The past couple of nights, Garrett has been going to play with his "new" friend Xander. Xander is a month and two days younger than Garrett. They boys (and their mommys of course!) met in December at our HOA's Holiday Party, but have just started getting together the past couple of nights. We have fun on our playdates, even though Garrett and Xander just sort of look at each other! Xander is such a good sport, he lets Garrett play with his toys and even take his sippy cup. And today Xander even let his mommy Jess give part of his dinner to Garrett, who stood patiently next to Xander's booster seat while Jess gave a big bite to Xander, a little bite to Garrett, a big bite to Xander a little bite to Garrett. It helps both mommys make it through the most fussy time of day--the evening!!

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