Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And the bad mommy award goes to . . .

Your's truely!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up, life has been, well, typical. Today was not the greatest day--started out good, got this new baby carrier I have been waiting to get for a while, called a Mei Tai. It's great, I carried Garrett around in it all afternoon and he loved it. Anyway, I had him in it at our POA meeting, on my back, and as I went to get him out, he fell. Not. Good. At. All. And completely my fault, I wasn't being careful enough to keep him in. He hit his head and of course started wailing, I took him outside and calmed him down. It was 7:15 and he was acting drowsy (it WAS bedtime) and that worried me. Then he spit up once, and that was that--we were off to the emergency room. By the time the nurses were checking him, though, he was back to his usual self--charming the nurses, smiling away. When they were done, he tried to crawl off the bed, (You'd think falling on your head ONCE would be enough for the little guy!) pulling up on the railing, etc. Then he discovered the TV in the corner and was facinated. By then, I was sure he was fine without them telling me, he was back to being his old self. The doc looked at him and came to the same conclusion. No bumps, no bruises, nothing. Just a heart attack for momma is all!! Anyway, it was scary, and I feel bad, but I guess it just happens sometimes. Still no fun though! Enough of the bad news, let me post some pics!!

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