Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ruins at Brown Bay

Brown Bay is one of the most secluded spots on St. John. It can only be reach by a 0.8 mile hike over one of St. John's steep "hills". Because it is such a shallow embayment, the big yachts can not anchor there, so when you go, you are usually alone. Last time we went to St. John, we snorkled the waters surrounding the bay. This time, we went to check out the ruins.

The ruins at Brown Bay are some of the most extensive to be found on the island. If you ever go to St. John, pick up a book called "St. John: Off the Beaten Track"--it tells you all of the best places to go that you would otherwise not know about. To get here, we walked along the shoreline, following an overgrown trail. The brush was so thick that we had to abandon the hiking backpack for a while because we wouln't fit with it (and silly me forgot my sling--
I really don't know how anyone lives without one of those!)

The ruins were overgrown, but beautiful. (can you see Brad in the pic to the left?) Garrett was so exhausted after a day of exploring that he zonked out in the hiking backpack on the way back--this is what he looked like when I set the backpack on the ground to get him in the car. True to form, he woke up as soon as I moved him. He was such a good boy though, apparently he really likes exploring ruins!

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