Sunday, January 28, 2007

8 months today

Its so hard to believe that Garrett is 8 months old today. Time has certainly flown. In one more month, he will have been on the outside of this world for as long as he was "cooking!" Now that is amazing.

He has hit so many milestones this month. He is really crawling, pulling up on EVERYTHING, able to get into a sitting position on his own. He said babyfood is for the birds and has transistioned almost completely to real table food. He still only gets one meal a day though, plus some cheerios, but that's all me. After a year, we can worry about all the ins and outs of a well-balanced solids diet, but for now its all about the milk. He loves fresh fruit (especially kiwi) and always wants to eat if he sees someone else eating.

With his new mobility, our monthly "couch" picture was a bit of a challenge today. He kept trying to crawl off of it. So this might be the last one of those, we'll see. Sleep training is going great, tonight it took him 7 minutes to fall asleep. Hopefully within a few weeks I can put him in and leave him to put himself to sleep. But for now I sit in the middle of the room until he is asleep. Its definately better than it was.

Not much else to report today. I spent the majority of the day passed out in bed catching up on some much needed sleep. Garrett spent the day with Daddy--they planted palm trees in the back yard, went to the fruit stand, and grilled dinner. Much needed break for mommy!

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